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3 Useful Consumer Tips for Short Term Loans in Montreal

Short term loans have become a common occurrence, especially when the cost of living is high and people are always in constant need of additional funds. Whether you need the loans to see you through to payday or you have run into some financial emergency and you needed a quick fix, here are three useful […]


Newsletter June 2018

Welcome to the Guardian Financing June, 2018 monthly newsletter. This month’s issue is about some of the impact the real estate boom is having in downtown Montreal, other than the economic effects. Condoville: What is the Real Estate Boom Doing to Downtown Montreal? The real estate boom in Montreal has been nothing but phenomenal. Amidst […]


How To Refinance a Mortgage With Bad Credit Fast

Bad mortgage is like a bad omen, but is should never be viewed as a condemnation to a financial abyss. For those with bad credit, refinancing a mortgage is never easy, but not impossible. If you are in this situation and want to refinance a mortgage with bad credit, here are some valuable tips for […]