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Why People Are Using Their Retirement Savings for Down Payments

Many Canadians dream of becoming homeowners, but there are many obstacles that they must overcome. Some of the challenges faced by the majority, especially the young families, include the rising cost of housing, rising costs of living, the need to save for retirement and other financial needs including day to day expenses like utilities, rent, […]


Newsletter March 2019 – Making Housing More Affordable For Middle-Class Families in Montreal

Welcome to the Guardian Financing March 2019 monthly newsletter. This month’s issue is on the government’s initiative to provide more affordable houses for middle-class families in Montreal. Making Housing More Affordable For Middle-Class Families in Montreal It is a fact that most middle-class families in Montreal are in a precarious position when it comes to […]


Why Mortgage Brokers Should Choose Guardian Financing

The mortgage industry in Canada is so robust, and out of it, careers such as mortgage brokerage have flourished over the years. Guardian Financing is a private mortgage lender dedicated to helping homeowners and real estate investors have access to funding capital, working in conjunction with mortgage brokers. If you are a broker and realize […]