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What factors do banks consider when giving loans?

Did you know that not all loans are available to everyone? Of course banks reserve the right to refuse a borrower’s request that they deem inadequate or risky. In addition, for a large project such as access to real estate, vigilance is required. In order to do that, there are key elements that the banks […]


Top Reasons Montrealers refinance their Mortgage

There are a number of circumstances that lead people to refinance the mortgages on their homes. According to resident Montrealers, the following are the top reasons influencing this decision.   Take advantage of lower available Mortgage Rates One of the main reasons why you would want to refinance your home would be because the current […]


Leaseback-Buyback Financing

Leaseback-Buyback Financing is a powerful solution in select situations. Homeowners carrying a large amount of debt or facing foreclosure can access their equity by selling their home, leasing it back and buying it back after a few years. In the meantime, they restructure their finances.