Special Promotion

Dear valued Mortgage Broker Partner,

We’re happy to announce that we offer you a special promotion for November and December 2020: get a 0.75% kickback!

How does it work?

1. Give us your broker’s fee.
2. We add 0.75% to this fee.

If you add on a 1% fee, you will make 1.75% of the gross loan amount.

Contact Information

If you submit via Filogix or Lendesk

In the Private Lender tab, select Guardian Financing – Montreal from the drop-down list (do not confuse with Guardian MIC Manitoba).

After your submission, we will send you a follow-up containing detailed information and help you close your deals within 1 week!

We pride ourselves in being Quick, Honest, & Competitive.

Got any questions?
Give us a call at (514) 700-3121
Send us a text to (514) 578-3296

Guardian Financing is here to assist you in this tough time, financing residential real
estate in the greater Montreal area, with loan amounts of
$50,000 to $2,000,000.
(514) 700-3121