Residential First and Second Private Mortgage Solutions

As a mortgage broker, you help your clients with renovation projects, debt consolidation, 60 days notice, or simply with funding until their houses are sold. Guardian Financing has solutions for your customers!

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    Private Mortgage Loans

    First and Second Mortgages
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    Guardian Financing is a recognized direct private mortgage lender in Montreal, Quebec. We work with mortgage brokers and borrowers. As an expert in the field of short-term residential mortgages, we are providing loans ranging from $50,000 to $2,000,000, and are known as the private mortgage lender that helps borrowers in all their financing needs, whether it’s to purchase a property, refinance their property and take advantage of their property’s equity to pay off debt, for renovations, or to buy real estate investments.

    Our specialty is speed, transparency, and honesty. We will get you the funding you need in the time you need it!

    Contact us today and we will be happy to assess your situation, and help you reach your financing goals.

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