A Guardian Angel for your Home Flipping Choices

“Flipping” with Guardian Financing

Real estate flipping is a venture that entails purchasing inexpensive homes that often need work, fixing them up, and then selling them for a profit. House flipping has proven to be lucrative business, but it comes with significant financial tasking and aid that beginners must be aware of.

Guardian Financing is a Private Mortgage Lender who recognizes that no debt is bad debt. Whereas Banks are well known to hesitate and refuse loans on real estate flipping endeavors, Guardian Financing stands as the pre-eminent, go to money partner in this situation. We identify the equity in our clients’ portfolios and lend them the required funds for their respective projects.

“House flipping” is considered a lucrative business. Potential flippers must be cognizant of going about the funding process correctly. The costs of investing in property for refurbishment in order to sell for gain is expensive and can drain the coffers – naturally it is harder to “flip a house” than to buy a house to live in.

The plethora of costs associated with real estate flipping can be suffocating and a novice in this business venture will most likely be financially strangled. While flippers understand the long-term potential, traditional lenders are skeptical of the risky propositions, especially with novices to flipping.

Guardian Financing understands the gap, and has positioned itself as a money solution entity that will deliver to clients their Loan to Flip house.

Key Guardian Financing Pointers

  • We curate Win Win short term financial solutions
  • We specialize in well documented loan agreements
  • Bad credit will not stand in the way of funding options
  • Keenly invest in lending relationships for repeat business

Why “flippers” Should Consider Guardian Financing

  • Renowned experts in short time residential loans and mortgages
  • Quick, transparent and honest lenders
  • Efficient and speedy funding approval
  • In-depth loan and mortgage financial consultation

Guardian Financing – your go to Private Mortgage Lenders

We at Guardian Financing fill a necessary gap in the lending market. We uniquely position ourselves to serve the wide spectrum between mortgage brokers and borrowers. By working hand in hand with our borrowers, traditional red tape that usually favors one party’s interest, is eliminated.

We are of the prescription that what works for the goose must work for the gander – this is practiced by both parties coherently establishing the terms of their distinctive loan. Our Private Mortgage lending model nuances the borrower’s experience, and harmonizes the repayment terms with the client’s business experience.

Covid19 Effects on “House Flipping”

Covid 19 has undoubtedly changed the world as we know it. Businesses have crumbled, and many people have been forced to readjust old practices. The question is however; How has/does the ongoing Covid 19 scrounge affect real estate flipping? Even as the market has seen an obvious decline, the housing market remains flux with opportunity.

Mortgage rates are near all-time lows, and this makes it easier for borrowers to pay back what they owe. This low payment risk factor has inadvertently helped home values soar, while increasing buyer demand. This has positioned real estate endeavors as a burgeoning sector amidst these challenging times for business owners.