Newsletter April 2018

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Welcome to the Guardian Financing April, 2018 monthly newsletter. This month’s issue is on How Brokers can Build a Reputation on Social Media in 2018.

How Brokers Can Build a Reputation on Social Media in 2018

There has been an increase in the use of social networking throughout the past few years, as well as the use of online tools by various professionals, and there is no need for mortgage professionals to be left behind in terms of taking advantage of the tools for building their respective online reputations. It is important for every private mortgage professional to have an impeccable online reputation to gain a competitive edge over others, and also because most potential clients are already online. Therefore, having a bad reputation or not having any presence or online reach, may be counterproductive for your business. If you are wondering how this can be done, here are a few suggestions for you:

Focus on a platform

Not all social media platforms are ideal for mortgage professionals. You should choose platforms with the necessary features and tools that will help you promote your business and online reputation in the most effective manner. This is because potential mortgage clients will not be active on all social media platforms. In addition, if you try to be active on every platform, you will lose the focus and efficiency needed to get the most out of your audience.

Learn how to encourage interactions

In order to become successful in promoting your services on social media, and building a good reputation, you need to have a passionate following of people who are truly interested in your knowledge and your mortgage services. But to reach such a point, it is vital to learn how to encourage interaction from your followers. The key is to strike up a conversation with them, and to get them talking about you and your products. This can be as simple as responding to concerns, providing solutions to their problems, recommendations, and sharing news items. You should not be afraid to get criticized, and in all your interactions, you must always remain respectful.

Be consistent

When building your reputation online, especially in 2018, you must be consistent and prove to your followers that you will always be there for them. There are more distractions online than ever, and if you disappear for just a couple of days, they will find other professionals to follow, and if they think they are getting good value from them, you may never see them again. Therefore, plan your time so that you remain in touch with your social media accounts and followers.

Entertain, but remain professional

When people follow your business in social media, it is because they have found value in what you are sharing. To make them stick to your account and to increase the diversity of the content you share, think about how you can entertain while educating them at the same time. You can share funny informational videos, quotes or mortgage memes to keep them hooked. However, be careful with what you choose as entertainment, to avoid offending others and hurting your online reputation. Also remember to remain professional at all times during your engagement with them.

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